Want To Learn About Dachshund dogs?

Well you have barked up the right tree!

To provide information about Dachshund dogs to both owners and people that just love them is the mission of this site. We will include our first hand experiences with these loveable spunky dogs and provide you with training tips, pictures, health information and much more.

Dachshund dogs are a very friendly, comical and social breed. Even though they may be small, they don't know that.(Shhhhhhh, Don't say that to loud) As long as you don't mind if you have a tag-a-long everywhere you go, you will love this little guy.

We have had Dachshunds in our home for as long as I can remember. Our Dachshund now has been a wonderful addition to the family. His name is Magellan, because he explores everything. He is the mascott of this site and has inspired us to share our love and passion with the world.

If you are thinking about inviting one of these faithful companions into your home then you will be blessed with their wit, love and devotion. If you already own one, then you know what a great joy they are to have around.

On the left side you will find our navagation bar. Explore our site and links to find fun, friendly and helpful information. We always try to keep our content updated on a regular basis and add new pictures and articles. Also, don't forget to go to our picture gallery and send us pictures of your family Dachshund.

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