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All The Dachshund Information You Would Ever Want To Know.

Helpfull Dachshund information and knowlege for the Dachshund owner and lover. Come see our fun Dachshund facts, they will keep you wanting more.

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Dachshund Dog Swimming

Dachshund Dog Swimming - They love to swim and with a few supervised lessons your dachshund can safely swim with your family

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Free Printable Cards

Find Free Printable Cards With A Dachshund Theme To Them.

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Dachshund Rescue

Utilizing a Dachshund Rescue is a great way to adopt a Dachshund and have a new family member too. So what is a Dachshund Rescue?

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Dachshund Adoption

Dachshund adoption is a big step. You need to really make sure this is the right thing for you right now in your life. If you have decided to adopt a dachshund there are things you need to consider.

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The Beauty Of Dachshund Art

Dachshund Art, the love of both your dachshund and art together.

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Dachshund Pregnancy And What To Look For

A Dachshund pregnancy should be watched closly. Learn what to look for both in the mother and in the pups.

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Dachshund Health Problems

Finding solutions for you Dachshund health problems. Knowing when to take your Dachshund to the vet.

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Obedience Dachshund Dog Training

Obedience Dachshund dog training consists of a few major commands. These commands are sit, down, stay and come.

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Dachshund Training

No matter if you have a brand new puppy or and older Dachshund, they all could use a little extra training. There are many different layers to Dachshund training.

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Dachsund Pics?

Sorry that it has taken so long for some of the Dachshund Pics to make it up on the site. They are finally all up. If you do not see your photos up then the pictures did not come through. I have about 20 people that sent descriptions of their Dachshunds but no photos to go with them. Keep sending in those photos we really enjoy seeing them and I know all of the other Dachshund lovers out there enjoy seeing them. Dachshunds are just the most adorable dog out there!

Dachshund Pics

Are you looking for Dachshund pics? Well you have come to the right place; you can view or submit pictures on this page.

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Dachshund Pics Honey

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Tank

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Romeo

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Paris

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Missy and Pepper

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Bama

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Corkey

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Trigger

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Moo Jersey

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Pics Frankfert

Dachshund Pics

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Dachshund Gifts and Must Haves

Dachshund gifts for the Dachshund lover in your family. Everything from jewelry to toys. Stop on by and find just what you have been looking for!

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Dachshund Pics Camilla and Charles

Dachshund Pics

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Are Dachshunds Colorblind?

I know we have all herd that dogs are colorblind. Just what does colorblind mean? Well dogs are green colorblind, this means that they can not see the wave spectrum of green. So, this means that dogs can see colors just a little differently than people with normal vision. Some of the colors that dogs can not see are green, red, orange, gray, and shades of purple. So, next time someone tells you that dogs are colorblind you can say "that is correct but they can also see distinct colors as well, they are only green colorblind."