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April, 2008

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In This Issue

Alligator Eats Dachshund

Dachshund Survives!

A family in Florida lived down next to the water where alligators sometimes resided. They owned a small Dachshund named Daisy. One day one of the children was out playing when he heard a commotion down by the water. When he looked up he saw a big alligator eat their little Daisy.

The following day the family heard a scratching noise at the door. When they went out to see what the noise was there was Daisy. She ran inside strait for her food bowl. The family could not believe their eyes, where did she come from? They knew that the alligator had eaten her yesterday. The family said that they had lost a couple of dogs to alligator before but none of them had returned like this one.

When the eleven-foot alligator ate Daisy it swallowed her whole. Daisy then began to eat and dig her way out of the alligator. They found the dead alligator floating in the water with a hole in its stomach where Daisy had escaped.

Was this little miracle Dachshund smart or what?!

Doxie Derby at UC Davis

A Doxie Derby will be held this Saturday on April 19, 2008 at UC Davis in California. There will be 96 Dachshunds participating in this once a year event. Some of the owners say they have been practicing with their Dachshunds quite a bit this year, trying to prepare. Everyone has their eyes set on the prize and most of all the bragging rights. The entrance to this race is now closed. Every year the student at UC Davis puts on a picnic with lots of activities for their open house. The Doxie Derby is one of the main events. This event has been going on over thirty years. There will be 50,000 to 60,000 people there.

The Dachshunds are dressed in colored jerseys so you can tell them apart. The tract is inside, made up of a giant tarp that is laid on top of the floor. The dogs are taken to one end and the owners at the other. Ready, Set, Go!! The race is on. The Dachshunds are off, running as fast as their little legs can take them. The owners are calling their names, waving, and squeaking toys to get their attention. And the winner is? Well, we don’t know yet. You will have to head out to the college and watch the race to find out.

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