Dachshund Adoption

So you think you may have a space in your home and heart for something special? Dachshund adoption is a big step. You need to really make sure this is the right thing for you, right now in your life. If you have decided to adopt a dachshund there are several things that you need to consider.

First off, is my life and home reasonably stable? This is important because if your life is not in a stable place then a dachshund adoption is going to add an additional burden and may not be a joy & asset in your life. If your home is not very stable due to frequent moving, no fenced yard or even a "no pets allowed" policies, you might want to consider waiting before you decide a Dachshund adoption is right for you now.

Secondly a Dachshund adoption should be thought of as a long term family member not a short term pet or play-thing. Dachshunds, just as most beings, become attached to their owners and homes. It makes them sad when they are later abandoned, given away or traded in. Dachshunds take a lot of pride in their homes and families and will try to protect them. They are very brave dogs for as small as they are. They really deserve a loving home for a long happy life.

Try to think about all the things in your home that may effect your decision on a Dachshund adoption such as other pets. Make sure you don't have too many other pets and make sure they will all get along together. When we first brought home Magellan our Dachshund puppy our cat Oreo looked with extreme caution at this rodent type animal. Little by little, over time, they have become best friends and play together all the time now. Are you considering adopting a male or a female, are they spayed or neutered or are other dogs in your home fixed?

What about your spouse or children. Do they like Dachshunds? I normally like only big dogs. I have never thought of owning a Weiner dog. My wife has had several Dachshunds and really loved them. So when she brought home Magellan it took a little time for me to get attached to him. Now he is a member of our family and has his own personality and mannerisms and I would not trade him in for any other dog.

Another thing to consider before going forward with a Dachshund adoption is to think of other family members. Are they allergic to animals? I am, in the spring and fall for a few weeks. I do not mind, but some of your family may. Also, do you have small newborn babies now? Do you feel that you can handle another baby? These are not the only questions that you should consider, but just some suggestions to start off with. You want to provide a stable home for your new family member and have a positive long term experience with your Dachshund adoption, which is why we pose some of these things to consider.

The next consideration in Dachshund adoption would be from a financial stand point. It is true that they are relatively small, so healthy food costs will be moderate, but there are also other expenses in Dachshund adoptions. What about unexpected veterinarian expenses? That could be potentially a concern, but please take a moment to read about Pet Insurance it may be able to answer some concerns you have.

So you think that maybe you are ready for a Dachshund adoption? Well then great, let's get started looking at some more ways to adopt a Dachshund.

The next place to consider adopting your dog from is a Dachshund rescue or shelter. Dachshund rescues are a great place to find and adopt a Dachshund.

You can check with the local animal shelter in your area. Check the local phone book and call them for the hours you can see all their dogs available for adoption. They will have many different dog breeds and they may or may not even have a Dachshund to adopt.

Recently we were shocked and surprised to find our dogs gone when we got home one evening after work. Someone had let our dogs out of our gate / backyard. We searched the neighborhood for several hours that night. We printed large photo Lost Dog signs and put them up all over the neighborhood. We went down to the county shelter to try to find them the next morning, which we did. We were told that Magellan our loveable Dachshund website mascot, was requested for adoption 3 times in the few hours they had him that morning. To our surprise, we also learned, the local county animal shelter only holds stray dogs for 48 hours for their owners before allowing them to be adopted. Fortunately they were picked up by the county animal shelter dog catcher and only held overnight. After about $400 in fees, fines and other costs we got them back, with Microchips in. We now lock out backyard gate.

If going to the local animal shelter to find a Dachshund doesn't work, check the newspaper classified ads for dogs. Their may be a Dachshund adoption available there. It may be a person needing to find a home for their pet such as a Dachshund for sale, private party classified advertisement. Questions you might ask are how old is the Dachshund, how long have they owned it? Why do they not want their Dachshund anymore? Does the Dachshund have any bad habits? Are they a Dachshund Breeder? If they are a professional Dachshund breeder there are other questions and concerns, such as their years of experience, professional training as a Dachshund breeder, quality of the parents, documented papers.

If you are planning to show your dog, Dachshund pups need to be more carefully looked over and checked by a veterinarian or other professional. There are more careful criteria to consider before adopting a Dachshund as a possible show dog. Visit and join a local Dachshund club and attend a few meetings. Maybe even go to a few larger regional events. Most of these club members wouldn't bite, and you will be able to get a wealth of information and maybe make a few new pals too. Try checking out national Dachshund club websites as well.

Adopting a Dachshund for a pet is totally different than a show quality dog. Try to enjoy your Dachshund adoption by thinking why you really want to adopt them. By knowing what your expectations are you can plan a perfect fit when you look and see the perfect one. You will know it, it will feel right! Good luck and have a fun life with your new Dachshund adoption.

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