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What is with things these days? Everyone is an art critic. When it comes to Dachshund Art Prints in the same breath, I guess the statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is never truer. So when it comes to something We Love then I guess we see beauty in it. Dachshund Art Prints may sound like something strange to many, but it may very well be your or my favorite piece of art to look at. This art may bring back feelings of happiness and joy thinking of our beloved friends’ inquisitive nature, or may just feel great when we look at it. We may have a feeling of modern art or classical beauty with our own Dachshund Art Prints. I guess it all depends on your choice of artist.

Some people think there is an art masterpiece created when a pooch runs his paint soaked paws across a blank sheet of paper while others look at the Mona Lisa and think…Hummm…What’s The Big Deal? Whatever your taste in art, MY belief is that art is FUN and should stir feelings in you. Dachshund Art Prints may be an art treasure you love or maybe it just gives you a great feeling seeing it. Some feelings when you look at Dachshund Art Prints may be feelings of love, feelings of timeless classic beauty or even feelings of hope. Those feelings are like watching a favorite movie or hearing a great song that you have always loved. Reading a tale from a favorite author is an art form to me as well.

So when it comes to hearing about Dachshund Art Prints I believe there IS classic beauty in this subject and style. So let’s look at some more contemporary artists work. Below is an art print that is heavily influenced by the late Andy Warhol. I guess since I have always loved his style of art I guess it makes sense I would like this style for my home of my pet.

When you see art you may get a strong feeling about it or you may not. I have looked at many museums of fine art and only had reactions to a very few pieces. Does this mean that the work is not great? No! It may mean that I don’t know what I am looking at (although I have taken many “art appreciation” classes in college) or as I believe that the old saying “Beauty is in the Eye of the B1eholder” is never more true. Art is so subjective.

So let’s look at some Art Prints. Can you believe that this dachshund Art Print sold for $38,ooo,ooo. Of course this is an absolutely outrageous price or is it? Recently one of Picasso's prints sold for over $100,000,000. The story behind this is that reportedly a Japanese art collector / investor purchased this painting being represented as an original Picasso Painting. After the purchase there were speculations as to its authenticity. It is now estimated to be less than $100. Let’s just hope that this is that collector’s style of art and he has a genuine love and passion for

So how do you get Dachshund Art Prints of your loved friend? Well the least expensive way is to stir up those artistic passions and draw, paint, sketch, craft or print yourself your own masterpiece. This can be fun and easy. One way is to start out with a snapshot of your favorite Weiner dog. Then try to draw him or her on a sketchpad. Maybe you can take that snap shot and paint a rendition using watercolor, acrylic or oil paint. Maybe you love creating your artwork on the computer with various software such as Adobe “Photoshop” or Microsoft “Paint”. All of these options should be fun and a creative challenge.

If that does not satisfy your style for art, you can contact other artists who can help create you a masterpiece. Some artist may create Dachshund Art Prints cheaply or even free. Others may charge you a modest fee of $50 to $250 and create a true work of art. Be sure to look at examples of their work. Do you like their style? Talk to them about their fees and sizes. What is the print printed on, regular paper, watercolor paper or canvas? Ask how long to create and deliver your Dachshund Art Prints to you?

Maybe you want a painter to paint you a masterpiece. Maybe you desire something more traditional. Whether it is watercolor, acrylic or oil paints many beautiful paintings have been created throughout history. Some with their owners, as you see below, some without.

You should have some information about what to look for. Again remember, Art is in the “Eyes of the Beholder”. Art Prints are for every Dachshund owner. Have fun and enjoy your life today!

Please email us if you are interested in a Art Prints referral. We have many available and would be happy to email them to you. They are fun; cool and many are very surprisingly affordable. We will be posting them on this page in the next few months. Check back soon or email us today.

If you are an artist, beginner or highly accomplished and want to post your work please email us some samples, prices, background and or experience. We believe in reliable referrals by reputable artisans.

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