Dachshund Art

Is There Really Such A Thing As Dachshund Art?

Yes! Art is of course…in the eye of the beholder. But let’s get serious. What types of Art are we going to see? Did some famous artist sculpt a marble statue of a Dachshund? Did Michael Angelo paint a Dachshund Art masterpiece on the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? All I can say is not that I know of. But Dachshunds have been owned by some very well known artists! Like whom you may wonder?

Warhol's Dachshund painting

Click the picture above to see Abstract Art Inspired by Andy Warhol

Picasso and his art

Are there other types of Dachshund Art? Yes, in fact there are Dachshund figurines. This art is available in many sizes and styles. When you own a Dachshund Figurine you can appreciate the beautiful Art piece while enjoying the precious artistic representation created.

Here are some artistic ways to turn your Dachshund photos and snapshots of your pride and joy into true works of art. Dachshund Art Prints utilize computer software and artistic talent. These art prints are printed on canvas or watercolor paper, perfect for framing and displaying on a desk, mantel or wall. There are other Dachshund collectables that we will make available to you right here on this web site. Please bookmark us and check back soon to see these items we are working on right now. Our Dachshund store and links will display some beautiful Art work for you to admire, own or collect.

How about some jewelry items such as a Dachshund charm bracelet or other items such as a special Dachshund gift for that doggie lover you know. I am surprised at what we are finding each week. This Art is simple I know, but often the simple things in life are fun to enjoy. Check back again as we are working hard to build a fun variety.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Dachshund Origami! This ancient art of folding paper into creative creatures is not only fun but creative. This is definitely Art in the ancient eastern traditions Check out this link for a fun look.

Have you ever wondered how to draw a dachshund? Just click on this link to find several different suggestions. Quilting can be one of the most relaxing and expressive way of creating something wonderful. These artistic treasures can be designed to original pattern the quilt making artisan desires. Many different types of special Dachshund Quilt Patterns are possible, from subtle to abstract, country scenes to Dachshund themes. Check out some ideas here and if you have made any quilts with a dachshund you would like displayed please email us with a photo and we would love to show the world your artistic craftsmanship.

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