Dachshund Back

The dachshund back seems to be very susceptible to possible injury. I guess by having a long spine it would make sense that this could be an area of possible injury or disease.

As a breed, they seem to have fewer than average inherited genetic health problems, but the most common problem is back injuries. Below is an image that shows the Dachshund back and skeleton.

So asking your veterinarian what long-term care issues for your Dachshund might be a good idea. We have a few suggestions here that might help you understand some of the more common Dachshund back problems that your pet may face.

These are some breed specific issues that your Dachshund may encounter. The Dachshund is prone to slipped disks as a result of its short legs and the long back. Below is an X- Ray showing how the disk protrudes into the spinal canal area, due to the membrane that separates the canal has ruptured.

Inver vertebral disk degeneration is the degeneration of the cushioning disks between the vertebrae of the spinal cord in the back. If a disk ruptures, this puts pressure on the nerves in that area and can result in pain, discomfort or even paralysis. If you notice your Dachshund in pain, please seek out the advice of your trusted veterinarian. They can examine your Dachshund and find out what is wrong. If you have Dachshund dog insurance this may help with the financial costs that may arise should your dog need surgery.

Another way Dachshund Back injuries occur is by rough handling. Your Dachshund sometimes thinks like a typical teenager. I am invincible! Nothing can hurt me! They want to jump off high items like beds, furniture, down stairways or ledges. This type of impact / shock to their little legs and long spine may contribute to possible long-term back injuries. It seems that there is little you can do to stop this jumping. They just do it. Some people suggest that ramps may help but getting ramps in the right places and getting your Dachshund to use these ramps is also a big challenge.

Rough play can contribute to Dachshund back injuries. Children can swing the Dachshund and drop them roughly contributing to current or future spinal injury. Children don’t mean to hurt your Dachshund. They just get very excited playing with them and end up sometimes being rougher with them than they should. Keep an eye on children when they are playing with your Dachshund. If you notice excessive rough playing, stop them, sit them down and explain that rough play might cause injury and to play more gentle.

It is suggested that the best way to keep your Dachshund and its back in good shape is to keep your Dachshund in good shape. Steady regular exercise is the best way to help reduce Back problems. Proper Diet and proper weight will go a long way in insuring a lifetime with very few health problems.

Proper diet and exercise is by far one of the easiest ways to insure a long healthy life while minimizing the likely hood of back problems. Your Dachshund will enjoy their life so much more and be more active and pain free by being the correct weight. Check out our chart Dachshund weight page to get a good reference weight or ask your veterinarian on your next visit.

We all hope your Dachshund will never have any back problems or other serious health problems so you can enjoy a long lifetime of playful active family fun.

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