Dachshund Care

Everything you will need to know when caring for a Dachshund!

There are several aspects of Dachshund care. There is keeping your Dachshund safe and away from harm. Knowing what to have in your home before you bring home a new family pet, whether it’s a puppy, adult, or senior Dachshund. You will want to know how to completely groom your Dachshund from head to tail. Yes this includes some not so pleasant tasks. Another way to care for them is knowing just how much to feed your Dachshund. The last thing you want to be doing is feeding them too much and they become obese and have health problems. What will you do with your Dachshund if you go on vacation? These are all things you need to think about when performing Dachshund care. These little dogs become family members very quickly and need to be taken care of like a family member.

Dachshund care starts even before you bring home your new family member. What should you have in your home in order to take care of Dachshund pups? Make sure you have or get a crate before you get home. Learn how to puppy proof your home. Find out what type of bed is best for your Dachshund. Know what types of toys will work best. Caring for a puppy takes a lot of work and planning. You will need patience, patience, and patience. Puppies are in a learning state of mind, so they want to learn everything they can. The more prepared you are the easier puppy training will be.

Once your pet is at home do you know how to completely groom a Dachshund? Dachshund care includes brushing, bathing, nail clipping, tooth care, ear care, and anal gland care. All of these tasks are considered part of grooming a dachshund. You will have a couple of choices. The first one being you need to learn how to completely groom them, yes all of them. The second choice is you will need to have the funds in order to take them to a professional groomer. The cost of having your Dachshund groomed will vary by what type of Dachshund you have. The smooth hair Dachshund will cost less than the longhair or wirehair Dachshund.

Now that you have the grooming tasks down pat, what about how much should they be eating? A good way to help with this question is to chart Dachshund weight. Dachshund care includes feeding your little one healthy food at the right proportions. Make sure that they have exercise in their life as well. By exercising them you will be exercising yourself. See you can kill two birds with one stone. Your Dachshund is the perfect exercise partner. You don’t want to see your Dachshund get over weight or obese because it will cause additional health problems.

A couple more Dachshund care items that you will need to take care of is their basic health. Make sure that they are up to date on all of their shots and check ups. Learn what type of diseases and hereditary problems Dachshunds are prone to. Your Veterinarian is going to become your best friend. Find one that you can trust and like. Make sure your Dachshund likes them as well; this will make for less stress on them. Always have their number on you and in your home. Ask you vet anything; no question is stupid.

Traveling or taking a vacation is another part of Dachshund care. Are you going to travel with your Dachshund? If so are you traveling by car or plane? Maybe you can’t take them with you. Is there a friend or family member that can take care of them or will you need to board them at a kennel? With any of these options there are precautions and steps that should be taken.

The last thing you might want to think about is loosing your Dachshund. Do you know the best strategies to take if your precious Dachshund gets lost? ? A good way to help promote Dachshund care in case they do get lost is to have tags on them or a microchip implanted in them. Even these precautions don’t always bring home your loved one, but it sure does help. Do you think your back yard is a safe place for your Dachshund? I thought my yard was very safe. I never had a worry or thought about it. We had put pavers under our fence so our little guy could not dig his way out, we even taught him to swim in the pool and where the steps were so he could get out. All of this precaution did not keep him safe. One evening when I came home from work he was gone out of the yard, nowhere to be found. We noticed that our back gate had been opened. Someone opened it and let our dogs out of the back yard. Yes, luckily we did find them $400 later at the pound. What did we learn from this situation? Always put a lock on your back gate no matter how safe you think your yard is. All it takes is one person to be playing a joke for you to loose your little man or lady.

Now that you have thought about what Dachshund care is all about. Do you still want a Dachshund adoption? I sure hope the answer is yes. They are one of the most loving and passionate dogs out there. On the other hand be realistic. If you feel these responsibilities are too much, then wait a while before bringing a Dachshund into your home. These little guys are in need of good loving and caring homes. They will show you just as much if not more love than we show them.

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