The Sea Of Dachshund Coat Colors

Dachshund coat colors can very widely. They range from cream all the way to black with many varieties in between. It is really up to you as to what color dachshund you might prefer. Even though the color of the coats may change the Dachshunds temperament does not.

Let’s start with some history on Dachshund coat colors. In 1701 when the first coat color was recorded, it was recorded as gray. Over time the Dachshund was bread with other breeds like the Bavarian Mountain Hound and the French Pyrenean Pointer thus producing yellow, black, and shades of red. Looking at Dachshunds now, you can see those colors plus many more.

Some of the most common Dachshund colors are red, black & tan and tan. The single coat colors consist of red, chocolate, black, and cream. Although you don’t see the all black Dachshund around very much, they are out there.

There are Dachshund coat colors that consist of two colors. The most popular two tone Dachshund is the black and tan. Other colors you might see in this category are wild boar, chocolate and tan, gray (blue) and tan, and fawn (Isabella) and tan. The tan marking on all of these dogs are in the same places. You will see the marking over the eyes, side of jaw, front, breast, on paws, around anus, and under part of the tail. You also will see cream in place of the tan markings on some Dachshunds.

Now that we have talked about coat colors, let us discuss the different patterns you might see. First there is the dappled Dachshund. There are two different kinds of dapples the “single” and the “double.” The single dapple is where the dog has a dark base coat and a lighter topcoat. Both of the colors should be equal. A white patch on the chest of the Dachshund is aloud on a dapple as well. The double dapple is where you get spots of the dapple color and spots of white over the entire body. Double dapples can have serious health problems as well. They can have problems with their eyes and hearing. A lot of the time you will see a double dapple with one blue and one brown eye.

Another pattern you will see with Dachshund coat colors is Piebald. The piebald is not a recognized pattern with the AKC. This pattern has become very popular with Dachshund owners. A piebald dachshund looks a lot like a double dapple with the large white spots on the body. You will see a variety of other colors, such as black, red, chocolate, cream, or tan. Another possible combination you will see is a dappled piebald.

The last pattern is a brindle. This Dachshund coat color happens when there are black or dark stripes that are on the entire body. The only places you might be able to see these markings are on the tan points.

Although there are many different Dachshund coat colors and patterns, the same sweet natured dog can be represented by all of them. It is solely up to you as to what you want. One little bit of advice, don’t let your color preferences be the only thing you are looking at. Make sure that the Dachshund you choose is healthy and comes from a good breeder. It is not worth having a Dachshund that becomes part of the family to only have it not be healthy. Find a good breeder first and worry about color and patterns last.

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