Dachshund Dog Insurance.....

Is It Worth It?

So you finely get the One You Love… Your very own dachshund dog! Dachshund Dog Insurance has it crossed your mind? Whether you got a cute little miniature dachshund puppy or an adult wirehaired dachshund or even a senior aged longhaired dachshund dog, it’s now yours and you want to give it lots of love and attention.

At some point you may have been thinking about or might already have taken in your dachshund dog for a veterinary check-up. Hopefully they are as healthy as they appear.

You may have thought about what if my beautiful little wiener dog gets injured or sick? The standard check-up office visit and tests were expensive enough, and an emergency visit, some sort of surgery or other procedure would be substantially more. Do I need Dachshund Dog Insurance? This may be a thought that might have come up.

There are several companies that provide such insurance for your loved one. The big question is…“Is It Worth It”? Only you, after carefully reading and thoroughly investigating the various plans can determine this. As with any insurance policy, carefully reading exactly what is covered and what is not is the only way to get a basic understanding of what you’re buying. Ask the Vet their opinion about dog insurance coverage and see who they recommend. Also, ask family or friends if they have ever had any pet insurance plans and how well they worked. Some will have had it, most have not, so then you need to ask yourself…”If I purchase this policy, will there be value here”?

There are several ways to look at this, first…from a peace of mind aspect. You will feel better…knowing that should you need assistance with a large financial burden (usually a maximum of $1500 to $2500 per incident) in the event of an emergency or serious illness these dachshund dog insurance policies can help. Second, many pet insurance plans offer “Routine Care Coverage” for wellness and preventative care. These plans usually provide annual benefits with a maximum of around $200 per year. Most of these plans have some sort of “Deductable or Co-Pay” that you are expected to pay. These amounts can vary but usually range from a percentage (such as 10%) to a flat fee (such as $50) per incident.

Dachshund dog insurance usually has monthly premiums that range from about $25 to $45 per month, plus deductibles or co-pays, plus annual limits and/or per incident maximum limits. Some dog insurance policies offer other benefits as well. Such as boarding and kennel fees, in the event that you dachshund is in the hospital for more that a couple of days. If your dog is ever lost some insurance policies will even reimburse you for newspaper advertising and a reward offered, or if lost and not found despite your all efforts, some dachshund dog insurance policies will reimburse you for the price you paid for your dog (usually up to a maximum of $250). Some policies require you to pay for your veterinary services at the “time of service” then be reimbursed a few weeks later. So read your policy carefully before choosing a provider.

So,there are pet insurance policies out there and are very much worth looking into seriously. More than a million people have these coverage’s for their loved pets and feel it is a great value and peace of mind. Check into them for yourself.

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