Dachshund Dog Names!

Over A Thousand Names To Choose From!

Ask yourself what are Dachshund dog names? A name is something that reflects our personality; it says a lot about who we are. Now that you have picked out your Dachshund and brought it home, it is now time to name your friend. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to name your Dachshund, give it a few days to a week. Watch their personality and quirky things that they do. They might remind you of an artist like Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol. Does that give you any idea of what to name your Dachshund? Are they Spunky or Squirmy? Look at their coloring. Are they tan like peanut butter or black like coal? Are they long like a sausage? Are you looking for a common or an unusual name, what suits your family? You might want to read about Dachshund history to get an idea for a name. Take some time to ponder some of these questions.

Still stuck on what Dachshund name you want? Well look no further we have compiled over a thousand Dachshund dog names for you to look over. We have everything from ordinary to extraordinary names. There is bound to be the right name for you and your Dachshund on this page. Once again take some time, don’t be in a rush. The name you pick will forever define your beloved Dachshund.

So you found the perfect Dachshund name! Now your Dachshund needs to learn its name. You will want to call your puppy, or adult, by its name and offer a treat when they come. Sound excited and happy when you call their name. Soon enough your Dachshund will learn their name. Make sure to put their new name on their I.D. tag ASAP. You don’t want them getting lost now do you? Whatever name you picked I am sure it is a good one. Remember to submit your Dachshund photos on our Pics page. Share with us your name you picked and a little history behind your Dachshund. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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