Dachshund Dog Swimming!

Is dachshund dog swimming natural? Are dachshund dog’s good swimmers? Well we think so. Our dachshund dog Magellan has always loved to swim and play around our in ground pool for years. My wife was always concerned before his first dachshund dog swimming lessons that what if he accidently fell in, would he drown?

I felt that all dogs can “dog paddle” and swim by instinct. My wife felt that we should make sure he knew where the exits (steps) were in our pool so he could get out on his own just in case he ever fell in.

So one warm sunny afternoon as our family was playing in the pool, our dachshund dog Magellan would run around the pool edge at full speed, all happy, jumping on the rock boulder water fall and cutting the corners of the pool having fun as usual. So my wife decided to finely give him his first introduction to swimming, so she picked him up, calmly holding him, talked to him about trying his first dachshund dog swim lesson, where she then put him in the middle of the pool with her for his first dachshund dog swimming lesson.

At the first moment she gently let him go he went vertical and started to sink like a log, and then in an instant he started to dog paddle. He started to swim to the edge of the pool. The problem was, as my wife suspected he had no idea how to get out of the pool or where the steps were. So she followed him closely and picked him back up and brought him to the steps of the pool and he got out and shook himself off in typical doggie style. Then he ran a few feet down the edge of the pool and jumped back in! We wondered for a moment what he would do…then we called his name out and our little dachshund dog swam towards us and found the steps and climbed out once again.

Our dachshund dog Magellan is a good swimmer for such little doggy legs and he really enjoys the water with our family. He knows the exits of our pool now and is easily able to climb out after repeatedly going in the water and swimming back to the pool step and getting out on his own.

Please Note: Do not assume that all dachshund dogs are able to swim. Even though our dachshund dog loves to swim and took to water, some dachshund dogs may not take to water. Please DO NOT PUT ANY dog in the water alone. Dachshund dogs usually have thin fur coats and not much body fat insulation, which means they will get cold fast. They may tire easily as well, depending on their age and physical condition. Always supervise closely anytime your dachshund dog wants to swim in the water by being right their next to them, In The Water!

Never force your dachshund dog to swim if they do not want to.

Be gentle and go slow introducing them or any dog to the water. Always remember that a dachshund dog has short legs and will not be able to climb out of the pool water very easily. They may forget where to swim to get out of a pool (steps) so always be right there to rescue them. Make your dachshund dog swim time with you or your family an enjoyable time for everyone including your dachshund dog.

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