Obedience Dachshund Dog Training

Obedience Dachshund dog training consists of a few major commands. These commands are sit, down, stay and come. All of these actions are essential for your Dachshunds safety. You will want to start teaching them obedience training at an early age. Some of the supplies you will need to start are a collar/harness, leash and treats. Make sure the treats are low fat healthy treats; try to stay away from hotdogs and cheese.

Before you begin with the Dachshund training, just remember keep the sessions short. If you notice that your dog is showing one or more of the following symptoms then the session has gone on to long or they have not gotten enough praise from you.

  • Tucking tail between legs
  • Lowering head
  • Trembling
  • Running away
  • Standing completely still with no response
  • Excessive panting or drooling
  • No eye contact
  • Ears are back
  • Urinating submissively
  • Rolling over and lifting leg
  • Baring teeth
  • Growling

If any of these symptoms occur then stop the session and let your Dachshund relax. Obedience Dachshund dog training can sometimes be stressful. Pick up where you left off the following day. Remember that training should be fun for both your Dachshund and you.

Sit- First hook the leash to your Dachshund and hold it in your left hand. In your right hand hold a treat, let your dog smell or lick the treat. Do not let them eat it right away though. Now come the Dachshund dog training. Tell your dog to “sit” while you raise your hand with the treat in the air above their nose. Make sure that the treat is high enough so that your Dachshund has to look at the ceiling. When they bend their head to look up they will sit to keep their balance. When your Dachshund sits make sure to congratulate them and give them the treat. If for some reason your dog does not sit then put slight pressure on their back end until they do. Remember to praise them and give them their treat. The praising is a lot more important than the treats are because at some point you will want your Dachshund to sit with out a treat for reward. Treats should only be used for new tricks or commands and then wean them off of the treats.

Down- The next Dachshund dog training command you should teach is “down.” The down command is perceived as a difficult command by your dog. This position is a submissive position for them to be in. If the command is not taught right your Dachshund could either be afraid or aggressive toward the down position. Follow these simple steps and you and your Dachshund should do just fine. First you will want to sit on the floor, holding the leash in your left hand. Have your dog come and sit next to your left leg facing the same direction you are. Show your dog that you have a treat in your right hand, let them smell or lick it. Put your left hand on top of your dog’s shoulders, not on their spine. This had is there only to guide your dog, not to push or force your dog. Now tell your Dachshund “down” in a very soft tone while you place your right hand, with the treat, at their nose. Move your right hand down to the floor by your dog’s front feet. If they do not go down right away move your right hand along the floor away from them. Once your Dachshunds elbows touch the ground praise them and give them the treat. Keep working on this command making each time they are down a little longer. Soon they will get more comfortable with this command and know that they will be ok.

Stay- Once you have accomplished the sit and down in Dachshund dog training you are ready for the “stay” command. First start by holding the leash in your left hand and have your dog sit on your left side. Once again you will have a treat in your right hand. Bend down and show your Dachshund part of the treat. As they are licking the treat tell them “stay.” As you say the command step in front of your dog facing them, your right hand with the treat should still be in front of your Dachshund letting them lick it. Now step back to your original position so that your dog is on your left side again. Once in this position give them the treat and praise them. Keep using this method; in seven to ten days try putting some space between you and your dog when you are facing them. Hold up the palm of your hand to them while you tell them to “stay.” Your Dachshund will catch on; they will know that they do not get the treat until you return to their side.

Come- When Dachshund dog training the command word “come” should always be enjoyable for your Dachshund. Some times when humans call their Dachshunds they have a tone to their voice either because they are anxious or upset. Your dog can hear these tones and will not come to you or be very scared of this command. One way around this is to teach a different command “where are you.” You will first want to start teaching this command by playing a game. Have several people in your family get a treat and then go hide someplace in the house. One at a time call your Dachshunds name and then say, “Where are you.” When your dog finds you praise them and give them a treat, then on to the next person. By playing this game your Dachshund gets used to coming to everyone’s voice in your family and they know when they find you they get a treat and praise. This game is fun, therefore when you call out “where are you” your Dachshund should always come to you.

As you can see that teaching basic Dachshund dog training can take some time but it is not difficult. A well-trained Dachshund is much nicer to live with than a non-trained one, not to mention the safety aspect of it. Just remember that practice makes perfect. Keep your training sessions short, five minutes, and to the point. When holding training sessions make sure that you are in a good mood, your Dachshund feeds off of your mood. Never let your Dachshund fail or feel like a failure. Always tell them they are doing well and praise them. This will make your Dachshund want to work harder for you next time. Just have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

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