Dachshund Health Problems And Precautions

Dachshund health is very important!

Dachshund health problems will bring your normally spunky Dachshund under the weather. First of all when your Dachshund is in good health he is active, playful and happy-go-lucky. He will interact with you and your family virtually all day nonstop with seemingly boundless enthusiasm. He is not a sideline or couch potato dog. A healthy dachshunds energy level is very high and they should need little encouragement to be active both in the house and outside. Keeping your Dachshund healthy can be very simple; make sure they have all of their necessary vitamins and get plenty of exercise. Never let Dachshunds run off-leash outside a fenced area, they are easily distracted and may run in front of cars (they seem to have no fear of cars) on the quest to find "that" scent. Your Dachshund will mind and be great 99 times out of 100 and stay close by, but it's that one time...

Some of the most common Dachshund health problems are their backs, obesity, hypothyroidism and epilepsy seizures. Some other health issues that may come up are anal glands, skin problems and thinning hair. It is always very important to do preventive care on your Dachshund. By taking him to a vet for their vaccines when they are due is a great start.

Address the issue right away if you notice Dachshund health problems. A good way to help diagnose him early on is to groom and pet you Dachshund often. If there is a problem with their skin or coat you will be able to tell. Feel and look for bumps and lumps on their body. You might see or feel ticks, cysts, or dry spots on their coats. By doing this you will be saving him a lot of pain and agony.

cold dachshund

Other areas of Dachshund health problems that can be noticed and taken care of early on are eating habits, bathroom habits and physical capabilities. Always watch what your Dachshund is eating and if they are eating. If you notice that he is eating a lot of grass, this indicates that his stomach is upset. Watch to see if he vomits, this will tell you what was upsetting his stomach. Dachshunds often vomit because of anxiety as well. If your little guy is vomiting on a continual basis take him to a vet. Dachshunds like to eat anything they can get their mouth on, so you need to be careful and not leave any type of chocolate around. Chocolate is very bad for dogs and can turn fatal if enough is eaten. Check out this website for further details on Chocolate and Dogs. Another area to watch is his bathroom habits. If your Dachshund has diarrhea it could mean several things; he might have an upset stomach, anxiety, an infection, or parasites. If there is ever blood in their stools get him to a vet right away. If you ever see worms in a stool get him to a vet right away. The other most common thing to watch on your Dachshunds health is his physical capabilities. If you see him limping check his feet for thorns or cuts. If you don't see anything with your eyes feel with your hands, a lot of times stickers are very small. Still nothing? Take him to the vet it could be pulled or torn ligaments, broken bones, or a hip out of place. These are all ways you can watch and diagnose you Dachshund right at home. Do not be a stranger to your vet if you feel there is something wrong. It is better to have them checked out and nothing is wrong then to not take them in at all and they get worse. It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit at home in case your Dachshunds does hut himself.

Dachshund First Aid Kit

One other way you could tell if your Dachshund is sick early on is by taking his temperature. The average temperature for a dog is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Taking your dogs temperature is not a pleasant thing for them. First you will want to get a plastic digital thermometer and lubricate it well with petroleum jelly. ( Do Not use glass thermometer they might break and cause major problems to you Dachshunds health) Have another person restrain the front end and talk calm to your Dachshund. Insert the tip of the thermometer into the rectum of you dog and hold it there until the beeper goes off on your thermometer. If your Dachshunds temperature is higher than 102.5 then see your vet. Getting Dachshund dog insurance will help cover medical expenses in case your Dachshund ever gets sick or hurt.

When and if your Dachshund gets pregnant always take them to a vet to get checked out. Pregnancy and delivery are known to be a big Dachshund health problem . A healthy mom to be is very important if you want healthy puppies. The smaller your Dachshund the more potential problems they could have, so have them checked out by your vet for peace of mind of both you and your little girl.

Your Dachshund will thank you many times over for watching out for them. They try hard to take care of you and protect you so it is our turn to take care and protect them!

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