Dachshund Potty Training

This section on Dachshund potty training is for the individuals that do not want to use crate training. House training a puppy is one of those things that has to be done if they are going to be an inside dog. A new puppy has a small bladder, to give you an example a three-month-old Dachshund will need to potty every three hours. So if you have a younger puppy than they will need to go more often than every three hours and if you have an older puppy or dog they can hold it a little longer. Most adult Dachshunds can go eight hours. This time will get you through the night and through your time at work. There are a few steps you will need to follow in order to get your Dachshund potty trained.

1. You need to pick a spot in your house that you want your puppy to go potty in. Think about this before you just pick any old spot. When you teach your Dachshund potty training you will want them to potty outside at some point, so pick a spot next to the door that they will be going out of to potty. If you have a dog door then this is the location you will want to pick.

2. You will want to get either puppy training pads or newspaper. Just remember when your Dachshund goes potty on newspaper it can soak through it, so make sure you have a lot of paper down and the paper is not on top of carpet. A better product would be the puppy-training pad; they are like a giant flat diaper. The pads will soak up everything but nothing will soak through to your floor.

3. Now for Dachshund potty training. This takes time and a lot of patience. Introduce your Dachshund to the paper or pad, show them where it is and tell them “go potty.” No, they are not going to get it right away you have a lot of work still to do. Watch your puppy when they are running around the house. If you see them start sniffing or circling, pick them up and put them on the paper or pad. Tell them “go potty,” sometimes they will and sometimes they wont. Try not to get to frustrated. If they do potty then make a big deal out of it, praise them and give them a treat. They will soon catch on and start using the paper more often. Never rub your dogs nose in it own eliminations, if your Dachshund potties on the carpet somewhere you will want to tell them “NO” in a strong voice and then take them to the paper or pad. Once your Dachshund is successfully using the paper on a regular basis then it is time to move on to the next step.

4. The next Dachshund potty training step is moving it outside. This step should be done as soon as possible. When your puppy goes too potty on the paper open the door and put them outside. You will want to let them outside every couple of hours. When you take your puppy outside, take along a piece of soiled paper and let your puppy smell it. Tell your Dachshund to “go potty.” When they potty outside make a big deal out of it, praise them and give them a treat. Keep this up until your puppy understands and is potty trained.

Yeah!!!!!! Hopefully after these four steps your puppy is potty trained!

Just remember a young puppy is like a sponge at this age, they are able to retain a lot of information. They want to learn and to do things right. So, have lots of patience with them they are trying. I know Dachshund potty training is a stressful time for us. I don’t think there is anyone that wants to have to clean up puppy messes all the time. Start training them early and they will understand. If for some reason your Dachshund is having bladder problems and not able to hold their potty for a few hours then see your veterinarian. Another option you might try is doggy diapers until they are 100% potty trained. Good Luck with your training!

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