Dachshund Rescue

Utilizing a Dachshund Rescue is a great way to adopt a Dachshund and have a new family member too. So what is a Rescue? A Doxie Rescue is an organization that is formed to literally Rescue Dachshunds. They are usually a non profit group that is formed with a sole purpose of rescuing, rehabilitating and finding new homes for Dachshunds in need.

The people at these Rescue groups are located through out North America and many other countries, they work in small independent groups or sometimes they network together into a larger organization such as the Dachshund Resue of North America and benefit from combining their resources.

What happens when a Dachshund is rescued from someone who abandons them, or if they are found as a stray or injured dog, starving or disabled and the owner cannot or will not continue to care for the Dachshund? The fine people at a Dachshund Rescue come to the rescue…Literally!

They find a temporary foster home (usually from volunteers) for the Dachshund. They then get a complete examination from a Veterinarian and make sure that they are spayed or neutered, have all their rabies & vaccinations up to date. The Vet’s check for heartworms, perform fecal & parasite checks and do dental exams, cleaning and extractions, if necessary. The rescued Dachshund is then evaluated for any long term Dachshund Health issues and usually spends a short time in their foster home to evaluate any unusual behavioral issues that might show up. Some issues might be how well they interact with cats, other dogs, children, men, women…just an overall assessment in a home environment and seeing the Dachshunds behavior and temperament, including if they might need any further potty training. The Doxie Rescue groups believe that this helps make for a great long term fit in their new home. They are looking for a good match for you and your new family member.

Dachshund Rescue organizations post photos and sometimes a brief history on their website of all their dogs available. Some of the Dachshunds range from puppies, to adult and even senior Dachshunds. They also have some special needs Dachshunds that may even have a special place in your heart and home. The best way to know is to see for yourself. Go to Rescue websites and see what they do and what Dachshunds they have. Read and look at their site and see if a Dachshund Rescue is right for you. There is usually a small fee involved of about $250, but remember, this fee only helps offset a very small portion of the cost involved in running and operating such a giving operation. Rescue programs around North America do so much for Dachshunds in need and ask for so little in return. Thinking about a donation…maybe? They can always use tax deductable donations of any amount. Financial and volunteer help are always of great need and many loving Dachshunds will bark out a “Thanks” for helping out.

If you are seriously considering Dachshund adoption or if you have never even thought of where you might get your next family member, investigate what a great way to bring a new family member into your life…check out a Dachshund Rescue.

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