Dachshund Skin Problems

What To Look Out For

Dachshunds can have several different types of skin problems. Some Dachshund skin problems you might encounter are Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Food Allergies and Mange. These types of problems will have to be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. With most skin problems they will have itchy skin. This is one sign that you can watch for. Make sure to take your Dachshund into the Vet if you see them excessively scratching themselves.

The first one of the Dachshund skin problems I am going to discuss is flea allergy dermatitis. Flea Allergy Dermatitis is seen mostly in the summer and fall months when fleas are present and in season. If your Dachshund has an allergy to fleas you will notice your dog biting or scratching at the base of their tail. The scratching and biting can cause hair loss in that spot. If your Dachshund is infected badly then you might notice their entire body has hair loss from scratching. You also might notice that your dog’s skin is very red and inflamed causing Dachshund skin problems. This is the cause of the fleas biting your dog and then your dog is allergic to the bite. Controlling the fleas is the first way of treating this Dachshund skin problem. There are several products out in the stores now that will help get rid and protect your Dachshund from fleas. You will want to get a product that will kill both the adult flea and the larvae. One product you can try is considered a spot on. That means that it is a gel that is put on the dogs back between its shoulder blades. The product is then soaked up in the skin and enters the blood stream, which in return kills the fleas and prevents new ones. Once your dog is on a good flea control program and it has a reaction still to the fleas you will want to take your dog into the Veterinarian it most likely will need some type of antihistamine or steroid to help with the Skin problem

The second type of Dachshund Skin Problem you might come across is the reaction to food allergies. Once again the primary sign is the dog itching. Some other symptoms you might see are excessive scratching, and skin infections. The skin infections will need to be treated by some type of antibiotic. Once the dog is off the antibiotic and the skin infection returns this is a good sign that your dog has a food allergy. Your Veterinarian will help you in figuring out what food your Dachshund is allergic to and recommending a food that they would be able to eat.

The third and final skin problem that I will talk about is Mange. Mange is when the skin is infested with mites. Mites are not visible to the human eyes so in order to diagnose mange a Veterinarian has to take a skin scraping. Only a Vet can diagnose and treat this skin problem. Mange takes a lot of dedication on your part when administering the medication and taking care of your little guy. Be patient and just know that you are helping them feel better.

Always remember if you ever have a doubt go see your Veterinarian, they will help you with helping your Dachshund.

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