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Now Presenting - Free printable cards with a Dachshund theme. Do you have family or friends that just love Dachshunds? Is it their Birthday, Anniversary or a Holliday? Well if you answered yes to both of these questions then you are in the right place. Maybe you just want to write a quick thank you or get well soon note.

Look No Further - We have designed custom Dachshund printable cards for every need. We have Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, Christmas cards and Halloween cards. All of them have your favorite subject right on the front, Dachshunds!

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We update this site regularly adding new content, be sure to save this page in your favorites. Please let your friends know about us too. Items on this page are available for users to print for no charge with your paper, ink and printer. You can mix and match any front part of the card with any text. Just pick out the picture you want on the front and print it out, then pick out what saying you want and print that on the other side of your picture. You will need Adobe Reader or some type of PDF File reader to view the free printable cards. *Remember* not all cards are facing the same way.


The best paper to use for our folded free printable cards is the heavy greeting card paper. If you check with your local Office Depot, Staples, or Wal-Mart, you can find standard greeting card paper that is thicker than other stocks. This is designed to be used with card printing. We have found this makes the most suitable stock for printing greeting cards. The second best paper that you can use is a matte finish or double sided photo paper. Heavy plain paper, 24 weight or more would work as well. The heavy plain paper will be more flimsy than the other options. It really just comes down to the quality you want for your card.

Tips on Printing

The Pages are designed to be printed with ease from a common inkjet printer. The Descriptions below are here to help you figure out how your printer works. If you understand this, it will help you when printing 2 sided pages.

The 2 most common types of inkjet printers are Typical Front Feed Printer and the Typical Rear Feed Printer.

-The typical front feed printer pulls the blank paper from a tray on the front at the bottom. This printer prints on the face down side of the blank sheet when it was resting on the bottom tray. When you go to print on the back side of this page, place the already printed side face up in the bottom tray.

- The typical rear feed printer pulls the blank paper from a tray at the back of the printer. When the paper passes through this type of printer, it prints on the face up side of the paper when it was resting in the back tray. When you go to print on the back side of this page, place the already printed side face down in the back tray.

Always print the front of your card first, then turn your paper over and place it back into your printer to print the inside of your card. After you print the outside image of the card and you are ready to print the text portion, feed the main image or picture end into the printer first.

Birthday Cards
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Christmas Cards
Halloween Cards

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