Fun Dachshund Training

So you want to teach your Dachshund some impressive tricks to show your family and friends. Fun Dachshund training is a true bonding experience. Before you begin this section of training you will want to make sure and have the basics down pat with your dog. This section is a lot less serious than the other sections. So… grab your Dachshund and lets have some FUN!

We will start with some easier fun Dachshund training then move into some games and more challenging tricks. Just remember that this is supposed to be fun for both of you. If you start to get frustrated or your dachshund is getting stressed then take a brake or try something new. It takes time and repetition for them to learn. They want to learn and are very smart, so be patient and once again have fun

Shake Hands- This trick is very easy. This is the first Dachshund training trick that my pup Magellan learned. First you will want to get a treat or two, then call your Dachshund over to you and have them sit. The next step is saying, “shake” while you reach behind their front paw and tickle the hollow spot. When they lift their paw shake it and give them a treat. Do this over and over again; soon they will start lifting their paw without you having to tickle behind their leg. This trick will take a couple of days to a week to learn.

Wave- In order for your dog to perform this trick they will need to know how to shake first. Once they know how to shake this trick becomes very easy. When first starting Dachshund training on this trick you will ask you dog to “shake wave” but don’t shake their paw. Reach for their paw and just let them touch your hand then pull your hand away. They are starting to wave give them a treat and praise them. The next step is to get him to raise his paw higher in the air so it looks more like waving. You will accomplish this by reaching for their paw higher than you would for the shake. Have them touch their paw to your hand high, low, high, and then low. Now it really looks like they are waving. Make sure to encourage and praise them every time, this is what makes it fun. When your Dachshund understands what you want them to do you can cut back on the hand movements.

Rollover- A fun Dachshund training trick is to have them rollover. First have them come to you and tell them to lie down. Once they are lying down take a treat hold it in your hand and say “roll-over” while circling the treat around their nose. You will want to move the treat and your hand in a circular pattern in the direction you want your Dachshund to roll over in. So, if you want them to roll to the right, circle your hand and the treat in a clockwise motion, or to the right. With your other hand you may have to help your Dachshund. Show them what you are wanting from them, help them roll over. The first few times are very awkward for your Dachshund because of their large rib cage. They will get used to it just have patience and don’t forget to give them that treat.

Fetch- Fetch is one of the most popular and fun Dachshund training there is. Most Dachshunds love to play with their toys. So start this game by getting one of their favorite toys. Take the toy and toss it across the room or yard, let your dog run after the toy and retrieve it. Once they have the toy in their mouth call them back to you in a happy and excited tone. When they get back to you congratulate them. If your Dachshund comes back to you but doesn’t release the toy, put your hand over the top of their mouth and press very lightly on their lips against their teeth. This will make them open their mouth and release the toy. When they let go of the toy congratulate and praise them, give them a treat if you want. If your Dachshund runs and retrieve the toy and then takes off with the toy to play with it there is another method you can use. You will want to have them on a long leash or cord (make sure they are wearing a harness you don’t want them pulling on their neck with only a collar on), hold on to the leash as you throw the toy a couple of feet in front of you. When your Dachshund retrieves the toy and tries to run off with it hold on to the leash and call their name over and over again until they come back to you. Keep using this procedure until they get the idea that they need to bring the toy back to you if they want the game to continue. Once your Dachshund masters fetching one of their favorite toys try other things like balls and Frisbees. Have fun and play with your dog they enjoy spending time with you and they also like making you happy.

Name Game- Now we are getting into a little more complicated Dachshund training. You need to make sure that you have patience with your dog and most of all have fun. The fist thing you will want to do is get two objects that are very different from one another, like a ball and a book. Show your Dachshund the ball and roll it around a little bit. Have your dog fetch it for you all while telling them that this is a ball. Now take the ball and the book and set them side-by-side, ask them to get the ball. When they pick up the ball praise them. If they choose the other object just take it away and ask for the ball again. Once they have mastered the ball bring out several other objects and lay them on the floor with the ball. See if your Dachshund can still pick out the ball, when they do give them a treat. Now put the ball away and get another object like the T.V. controller. Show your dog the controller and say its name over and over again. You will do the same thing you did with the ball but with the controller this time. Once they have mastered the controller put the ball and the controller on the floor and ask them for one or the other and see if they can remember which one was what. I bet they will remember; they are smart little dogs! You might be asking yourself what is the point in teaching them the name of objects. Well once they know different names you can ask them to retrieve the controller and they will go and fetch the T.V. controller for you. Some other objects that might be fun are keys, purse, or wallet. Remember to have a lot of patience with your Dachshund they are trying to figure something new out, this is all foreign to them.

Hide And Seek- This fun Dachshund training game can be played after your Dachshund masters the name game. Once your dog knows the name of a couple of objects it is time to put them to the test. Take one of the objects, like your purse, and hide it in and easy spot like under the dining room table. Now ask your Dachshund where is my purse? Find my purse! The first few times you will probably have to help them look. Lead them over to the direction of the table but don’t show them where it is, let them find it. What ever you do don’t let your Dachshund give up; make them succeed at the game. They want to know they are doing the right thing. They want the praise and congratulations. Once they start getting the hang of the game make it a little more challenging, hide the object in a different room or under a blanket. This game can be quite fun and challenging at the same time.

These are just a few of the fun Dachshund Training tricks and games you can do. The sky is the limit; there is always something new you can teach your Dachshund. Whether it is dancing, jumping through a hoop, or speaking on command just remember that you and your Dachshund are supposed to be having FUN! Sign up for our “Long And Short Of It” e-zine for additional training tips, pictures, and fun interesting articles on Dachshunds. This e-zine will be delivered to you by email once a month.

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