How to draw a dachshund

You might ask yourself how to draw a Dachshund? Look no further! Drawing can be a lot of fun. It is a great way to express your self, relax and enjoy life. Drawing A Dachshund is even more fun due to the subject matter…Your Dachshund! Now this can also be very challenging as well. When you are learning How to draw a Dachshund it can be tough if you don’t have a photographic memory or have a very sleepy Dachshund. That’s because as you know they don’t sit still for long. They usually like to be active. So what do you do?

First I take my digital camera and take a bunch of photos of my Dachshund. Some may be with him in action, running walking, jumping. Then some may be of him sitting, staring or even playing with a toy. Maybe your Dachshund has a cute or funny expression or maybe a pose that is just so special. These photos are to help you later when learning how to draw a Dachshund. I take a bunch of photos, 20, 30, 75 maybe more because remember this is the digital age. Even with a film camera the cost should be less than $10 for film and processing. So go ahead and take some photos and have fun. Then I look at each one carefully. If you have digital images don’t print out all the photos. Just review them on the back of the camera or on a computer. If you have a film camera you can buy film for less than $5 a roll and processing them for $4 to $6 bucks a roll (check around for deals). Then look at your prints carefully.

Does ANY part of a photo work for you? Does any part look neat or give you inspiration. It does not have to be the whole photo. When learning how to draw a Dachshund, your photos are just an inspiration helper. Take the expression of one photo and the pose of another. Maybe the background of another and combine them for your inspiration for drawing a Dachshund.

The next step in learning how to draw a Dachshund is to make the basic line sketch. At first this may seem tough. A photograph has so much detail. All that tone, shading, colors and wow even more details makes for an overload to decide the core lines.

Take a look at the example I have below. I have the photo I am starting with. Then I make a rough outline or sketch. Look at the major primary lines only. Keep it simple.

By keeping it simple you can then add more detail later. You can always fill in more refinements later when you have learned how to draw a Dachshund outline. Here are some other ideas I had. There are countless more. The above example is only one way. If you really want to do something different go to the art supply store and get some black drawing paper with white pens and try the following.

Maybe you want to take things to the next level. There are literally hundreds of ways of learning how to draw a Dachshund. Try something different. Try something unusual. Go wild. Draw like no one will see or judge you or your work.

Fear not. My artwork is just a beginner’s primer. Use your talent and creative mind to fly free and openly with no reserve. Your mind is the only limitation here. By trying something new you may find what feels right to you and may truly have the masterpiece you have always wanted.

Add some more details to you sketch if you want. Maybe use some colored pencils to shade or color. Try using texturing when using pencils. Put a texture under your sketch paper then rub the pencil over that texture. Some of the textures are really cool.

Remember that there are true works of art that are seemingly simple. Drawing a Dachshund should be fun and entertaining. Here is an example of a Dachshund drawing by a famous well-known artist. This sketch may be worth more than you or I earn in our lifetime? Can you guess who the artist is?

If you guessed Picasso you were right. Picasso had a Dachshund for his pet. The dogs name was “Lump” (which I understand in German means frisky???) This masterpiece is quite valuable. Do you think you might be able to draw something like this? Try it.

Learning how to draw a Dachshund can be for any occasion. How about drawing a Dachshund as a mascot, or as a host for party invitations. Think outside the box. It’s fun.

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