Lady Sophia of Norchester

New York, New York- USA

Sophia is the young, red short-haired Doxie. Her brothers Wolfgang and Schwarzie are much older... age eight and eighteen, respectively.

Sophia is a very affectionate Miniature Dachshund, evidently bred as a so-called Racing Dachshund. She was rescued from a pet store in NJ and is most unusual in that she can climb and jump very high, and runs faster any other dog her size. We love her dearly and have given her a fashionable home in Manhattan. Even so, we must all speak out againt Doxies being bred for the racetrack; when they no longer can race, they are destroyed. The photo shows Sophia at 5 months old. (As you can see, she does not love having her picture taken so many are done while she sleeps!)

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