Long Hair Dachshund

When you think of a long hair Dachshund what do you think of? Do you recall a beautiful sleek shiny coat? A dog that has pig tails for ears and a gentle looking face? Well that is what most people think when describing a long haired Dachshund. This type of Dachshund has been around just as long as the short haired Dachshund. It is thought that a smooth Dachshund and a small spaniel were breed together to get the long hair results. All of the Dachshunds no matter what type of coat or color have the same type of character traits. The color choices you will have with this type of Dachshund are the same as with a short hair Dachshund. The most popular colors you will see on this type of Dachshund are red, black and Tan, and cream. Please see our page on coat colors for pictures of all the colors and patterns.

The coat of a long hair should be silky and long all over the body. There should not be visible parts in the hair on the back. You might see a slight wave in the hair. If you have a puppy they will not have a full long coat until they are over 12 months old. The hair grows very slowly. Extra long Dachshunds are preferred if the Dachshund has long hair. This is because it looks more symmetric with the long body and long hair. The tail should have the longest hair on it, making what looks like a flag on it.

This Dachshund is going to need a lot of extra grooming due to the long hair. Please see our grooming a Dachshund page for more details.

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