Lost Dachshund

Have you ever had the fear of a lost Dachshund? I know I have. My Dachshund got lost and I was scared for him. All that went through my mind was did he get hit by a car because he is so low to the ground? Did someone take him? Am I ever going to see him again? I knew I did not have his collar on him that day and he was not microchiped. The odds were stacked against him and me for reuniting. My husband and I made up signs and posted them around the neighborhood. We also visited animal shelters. We ended up finding them and have learned a big lesson.

If your lost Dachshund has tags, microchip, or tattoos don’t just rely on that. You will need to be very aggressive in looking for your pet if you want a chance in finding them. Follow this to do list and hopefully you will be reunited with your beloved Dachshund.

1) Make up signs- Find the best photo you have of your Dachshund and put it on a poster board (you want big signs). Along with the picture put your phone number, where they were lost, and if you are offering a reward. If you decide to offer a reward, do not mention what the reward amount is. You want the concentration to be on your Dachshund not on the money. Other things you might want to mention are the age, sex, and color of your Dachshund. If all you have is a black and white photo the color is very important. You will want to put posters all around your neighbor hood, adjoining neighborhoods, grocery stores, veterinarian offices, and parks. This will cover a lot of area.

2) Spend some time going door to door talking with your neighbors. Tell them about your lost Dachshund and see if they have any information. Ask your neighbors to keep and eye out for your dog.

3) Contact local Animal hospitals, maybe your lost Dachshund got injured or hit by a car and was taken there.

4) Visit the animal shelters that are in your area. Don’t just call; go in person. Look at all of the animals. There are so many animals some staff don’t pay much attention to one specific animal. When we went looking for our dogs they told me that my 11-year-old dog was only 6 months old and could not be the dog I was looking for. They can make mistakes so you need to go and view the animals yourself. Go back to the shelter at least every other day. Once the animal is checked in you have 48 hours to rescue them or they are put up for adoption. Make sure to visit any shelter that is within a 30-mile parameter. Dogs can travel long distances.

5) Advertise in your local newspaper. Run a lost Dachshund ad.

Follow these steps and I hope and pray you find your beloved Dachshund. What ever you do don’t give up. They want to come home just as bad as you want them home. Sometimes their curiosity and nose just gets the best of them.

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