Arizona - USA

Magellan is the mascot and inspiration behind this website. He is a black and white piebald Dachshund. Turning two this last Christmas he really keeps us on our toes. He has a very sweet but playful personality. As you might have noticed his name is quite unusual. When I first brought him home at eight weeks old he was not scared of a thing, he was into everything. So I thought that I would name him after Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese world explorer from 1480-1521. The name was a perfect fit. Magellan loves other animals; we have one other dog and a cat. He and the cat are best friends. They are the same size and color. It is a lot of fun watching them play tag around the house. Magellan also still gets to see and play with one of his littermates, his brother Doc. When they get together they are like a little tornado running through the house chasing each other. I have owned other Dachshunds before and they are one of the best breeds out there.

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