Pink *Updated*

We have got an update on Pink the pig. Here is what the owner, Johanna, had to say about Pink and Tink. These are emails Johanna wrote.

- I live on a farm where we raise pigs for our kids for their 4-H projects. The one sow delivered 12 pigs and several were very small. Pink was the smallest and he was born with his eyes sealed shut. That is the first time I've had a preemie piglet.

He was breathing well and was making noises, but I really didn't look for him to make it. Piglets are born with their eyes open and are very active and ready to nurse within a few minutes. He didn't have any suck reflex, so we placed him under the heat lamp. After the delivery, which took up most of the night, my husband tried to get him to nurse from his mommy. He was too weak to stand up, so he held him up and squeezed some milk down his throat to get him some colostrum.

Two of my dachshunds had had puppies a few days before Tink had only one puppy (the other was stillborn) and Sammi had 7 a few days before Tink. I had taken 2 of Sammi's puppies and put with Tink for her to foster. I got the idea to bring the piglet up to the house to see if Tink would nurse him since she accepted the other puppies so well. She is a very loving, sweet dog. She immediately loved on him and began licking him and let him nurse.

He is now 2 1/2 weeks old and doing great. He hasn't grown very well, but we have been trying to get him to eat some formula that our vet recommended. When we took him to the house one of his eyes had come open and the other opened not long after. We are trying to get him to eat pig food (pellets) for baby pigs. I can assure you that this is a true story. I sent a few pictures to my friends at work and now the pictures are everywhere. Here are the most current pictures I have of Tink and Pink.


- I just wanted to give you an update on Tink and Pink. Tink weaned Pink from her last week along with the puppies. Pink had a really hard time with it, but the puppies did great. For a few days he was really upset and I couldn't get him to hardly eat. Then he started eating his formula really well. He also is eating the puppy food, but not very much pig food. He started nibbling on the puppy food a few weeks ago when the puppies started.

I separated the puppies into one crate and him in the other because he kept trying to nurse from the puppies. He is now doing really well and seems to be used to the daily routine. He sleeps good all night in his little doggy bed and as soon as someone gets up in the morning, he lets us know he is up too! I took him and the puppies to the vet for their 6 wk checkup and they are all doing great. They weigh between 2 and 3lbs. Pink weighed in at 2 1/2 lbs. His pig siblings now weigh about 20 to 30+lbs and are weaned from their mommy too.

Pink loves to roam around the house and explore every nook and cranny. He is very neat and only goes potty in his crate. He gets to play with the puppies every day and it is funny to see. They chase him and gang up on him. He loves it as much as they do! He does not like to be held or cuddled. Sad smiley emoticon, but he is very sweet and smart. I am sending some cute pictures of him to show everyone. I know several people wanted to be updated on his progress.

- "Pink is doing great and we had many adoption offers, but none just right for him. I think we are going to keep the little guy. He weighs about 6 or 7 lbs now and his siblings are 50+. My husband built him a stall in our new barn and he is really enjoying being there. He likes rooting around in the wood shavings. He still gets to play with his puppy sister everyday. We kept one of the puppies out of the litter. He is a sweet little pig." Johanna Pink's Owner

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