Dachshund Quiz

Find out how much you know about Dachshunds

See How Much You Know About Dachshunds

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A Terrier
B Toy
C Herding
D Hound
A Italy
B France
C Brazil
D Germany
A Rat
B Fox
C Badger
D Beaver
A True
B False
A True
B False
A True
B False
A 2
B 1
C 4
D 3
A True
B False
A Long
B Wirehair
C Brindle
D Smooth
A Hound Dog
B Badger Dog
C Fox Hound
D Small and Fearless
A Pablo Picasso
B Jackson Pollock
C Andy Warhol
D Vincent Van Gogh
A True
B False
A Maggie
B Dinah
C Buttercup
D Fannie
A True
B False

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