Short Hair Dachshund

The short hair Dachshund is what most people think of when thinking of a Dachshund. This is the oldest and most well known Dachshund. They are part of the hound classification. Dachshunds are one of Germany’s most popular export dog. When looking at the Dachshund you will see that they are low to the ground with a very long body. The short hair comes in different sizes; standard and mini in the US and standard, medium, and mini in other European countries.

The short haired Dachshund is a perfect companion. They have an elastic and pliable skin that is as soft as velvet when you touch it. There is some grooming that is required, but not as much as the other two types of Dachshunds. Please see our grooming a Dachshund page for more details. With a smooth Dachshund you are able to see the long, lean, muscular body structure. Their ears should frame their face nicely. This type of dog makes for a very loyal pet. They love their masters and will watch over them and their homes very well. Another great idea you can do with your Dachshund is to get them certified for pet therapy, and then take them into hospitals to visit the sick. You can also go into nursing homes to visit the elderly. Dachshunds love people, and people love them.

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