Crate Training A Dachshund

Is crate training a dachshund the way to go? Well the answer to that question is about fifty fifty. Some people believe that by putting your puppy in a crate and closing the door, it is like putting them in jail. Others feel that the crate is a safe haven for the puppy and they will grow to love it. I am going to provide some information on crate training and then let you form your own opinion on whether you want to try it or not. Either way is fine, I didn’t use a crate with my first dog and did fine. With my second dog, my Dachshund, I used a crate and he did well also. So… as I see it either way works, just pick your preference.

Introducing your Dachshund to their crate is fairly simple. Crate training a Dachshund can take some time. First you will want to open the door to the crate and call your Dachshund over to it. Tell you Dachshund to go to bed and throw a treat in the crate. When your little one goes in to get the treat tell them that they were good. Leave the door of the crate open and allow them to go in and out as they please for a while. The next step is to start feeding them their meals in the crate. For the first couple of times don’t close the door. After three or four feeding in their crate close the door the next time you feed them. Make sure to let them out right after they are done eating and tell them that they were good. If at any time your Dachshund makes a big fit when they are in their crate with the door closed do not let them out until they are calm. If you let them out when they are crying, howling, or digging at the cage you are showing them that every time they make a fuss you will let them out. This is not going to help you when training a dachshund. Once your puppy is used to eating their meals in their cage start feeding them back where they used to eat. Now put your puppy in their crate and leave the room for a little while, tell them to go to bed. I know this will be hard at first but your puppy will get used to it fairly fast.

Where do I locate the crate? When crate training a Dachshund the perfect place for their crate is in your bedroom by your bed. Your Dachshund will want to be able to see you at night when everyone goes to bed. They want to know they are by you, making them feel secure and comfortable. Having the crate in the bedroom will help you as well. At nighttime your puppy will probably have to go outside to potty. Having the crate next to the bed you will be able to hear them and let them out before they make a mess. Also in the middle of the night if they get restless or start playing all you have to do is tap on the top of the crate and tell them settle down and go to bed. Having the crate in your room will save you from having to get up at night and go to another room to calm them down.

Make a routine when crate training a Dachshund. Your Dachshund will behave better if they have a routine. Just like children and us they need a routine also. First thing in the morning take your Dachshund outside to go potty, bring them in and feed them their morning meal. Make sure you put clean fresh water down for them while they eat. Once they are done eating let them play in the back yard for a while. This way you don’t have to worry about them having an accident in the house while you are getting ready for work. Before you leave for work bring your puppy in and put them in their crate, giving them a treat for good behavior. If you get a lunch break and work close to home take that brake to let your Dachshund out of their crate to go potty and run around. Once your Dachshund gets older you won’t have to let them out as much during the day. Then when you get home from work let them out again and take them for a walk. They love to see and smell the outdoors. When you get back feed them their evening meal and water. Let them play outside for a little while and then get ready for bed. Put them back into their crate and tell them good night. Like I said earlier the older they get the longer they can hold their bladder. When they can hold their bladder longer you can let them roam the house when you are there.

Always remember to keep their crate door open when you are at home so they can go in and out. This is their private bedroom that makes them feel secure and comforted. Take your Dachshund outside to play often they love spending time with you. Also by being outside it gives them a chance to sniff and play, getting some of their energy out. Well I hope this information helped a little bit on your decision of crate training a dachshund or not. Either way you go make sure you have some type of routine for your Dachshund. They will behave better for you because they know what to expect. Love, comfort, and play those are the three things we all need.

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