Prevention Training Dachshund

Does your Dachshund have bad habits?

Do you know how to correct them?

Training Dachshund includes breaking bad habits that they might have picked up. Does your Dachshund bark uncontrollably, dig holes, jump up on people or beg for food? Do you want to stop these behaviors? Well if your answer is yes to these questions then you have come to the right place. By turning bad habits around you are making your Dachshund more pleasurable to be around. Always remember when teaching your dog new behaviors, praise them when they do the right thing. Let them know you are proud of them. Your Dachshund will continue to do the right thing hoping to get that praise in the end.


Before your training Dachshund starts in this section, you need to determine whether your dog is barking or over barking. All dogs have a natural instinct to bark to warn of potential danger. If this is what your Dachshund is doing then the barking is ok. On the other hand if your Dachshund is warning you then continuing to bark even after you have acknowledged them or when you tell them to stop barking, then this behavior can be stopped.

The next time your Dachshund is barking beyond what is called for use a firm voice and say “Quiet.” If your dog barks again you will want to use a negative reinforcement. You might be asking yourself what is a negative reinforcement? This can vary greatly but some examples are a soda can filled with pennies, a squirt bottle with water or a leather belt or leash that can be folded in half and snapped to make noise. So, your Dachshund barks after you tell them to “Quiet.” Use your negative reinforcement and then tell them to “Quiet” again. Keep doing this until they stop barking. Dogs do not like the loud noise that a can with pennies in it makes or being squirted with water. Soon they will associate this negative reinforcement with excessive barking and stop when you ask them to. This is the reason you need to know the difference between natural barking and excessive barking. You do not want your dog to never bark. When your Dachshund listens to you and stops barking when you tell them to “Quiet” make sure to praise them.


Once again when you are training Dachshund to stop digging in the yard you will want to use negative reinforcements. I talked about negative reinforcements in the previous section in more detail. When you let your dog outside you will want to monitor them by either being outside with them or watching them through a window. When you see your Dachshund starting to dig tell them to stop digging and use your negative reinforcement. A good reinforcement to use outside would be the hose. When they are digging just spray them a little and tell them “No.” After a couple of times doing this they will understand that you do not want them digging. Make sure when your Dachshund goes outside to play and does not dig you need to praise them and tell them how good they are.

Jumping Up On People

The easiest training Dachshund technique for stopping them from jumping up on people would be to use a leash or lead. Make sure you use a wide nylon buckle collar on your Dachshund for this training. First clip the leash or lead to your Dachshunds collar. Then stand in front of your Dachshund putting your foot on the leash or lead. Make sure to leave enough room in the leash or lead for your dog to sit and stand but not jump up. When your Dachshund tries to jump up tell them to “Get Down.” Once they are sitting nicely and not trying to jump on you reward them with praise and a treat. This habit can take a while to break so be patient with your dog, they are trying.

Begging For Food

Have you ever asked yourself why does my Dachshund beg for food? Well they beg because there has been some type of reinforcement in the past. All it takes is once or twice to start the habit and then they are hooked. The first training Dachshund step that needs to be taken is to teach them the down and stay command. See our obedience section if you need help with these commands. While you are eating dinner tell your Dachshund “Down and Stay.” After you are done eating dinner release them from the command and feed them their dinner. You might ask yourself why should I feed them last? When feeding your Dachshund last it is showing them that you are the leader and not them. Never feed your Dachshund under the table. If you do they will continue to beg, thinking it is ok because that is where they are fed.

So, as you can see bad habits can be broken. All it takes is just a little bit of patience and some work. Once your Dachshund’s bad habits are broken they will be a lot nicer to live with. Remember to sign up for our monthly E-Zine; it contains additional training Dachshund tips, fun articles, cute pictures, and current Dachshund events. Also if you have any cute photos you would like to share with us please submit them through the following form. We will make a page just for you and your Dachshund; see Dachshund Pics for examples.

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