Traveling With A Dachshund

There are several ways of traveling with a Dachshund. You can travel both by car or plane and in some cases by bike. Whichever way you decide to travel, remember to make it as comfortable as you can for your Dachshund. If you are not going to take them with you on the road you will need to have someone else take care of them; this could be either a friend, family, or boarding facility.

When traveling with a Dachshund in the car always remember, never to leave them in the car unattended. Cars can heat up very quickly, even in the shade with a window open, and can kill your Dachshund. Soon after getting your Dachshund you will want to take them on some car rides so they get accustom to being in a car. This will help a great deal when having to transport your Dachshund. If you are using a crate at home this is the best method for in the car. If your Dachshund seems to be nervous in the crate then there are a couple other options. You can purchase a restraint system that looks like a harness; it will work with your seatbelts. This will allow your Dachshund to see and be by you, but not jumping around the car. If you have a passenger with you they can hold your Dachshund. Something new that has come out is doggie booster seat for in the car. They are like a child’s car seat but for your dog. The seat boosts them up so they can see out the window. You can also clip their harness to the seat so they cannot roam the car. You do not want them running free in the car because it is very dangerous; if you stop fast they could get hurt. Never let your Dachshund ride on your lap, you need to have 100% on your attention on the road. Always remember when traveling with a Dachshund you will need to make several stops so they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom.

When traveling with a Dachshund on a plane you will need to contact your airline first, don’t just show up at the airport with your dog. One of the first things you will want to decide is if your Dachshund will travel on board with you or in the luggage area. Not all airlines allow animals on board so you will need to do some research if this is the option you are taking. All animals whether on board or in the luggage compartment will need to travel in a fiberglass crate. You will want to put a toy or two in the crate with them, maybe a blanket as well. This will help your Dachshund relax a little. You can also talk with you veterinarian to see if there is any medication you can give your Dachshund to relax. Do not feed or water your Dachshund before checking in or on the flight; you don’t want them having to go potty on the plane. If you are going on a long trip, more than a couple of hours, you will want to include food and water. Please follow all of the airlines rules when putting identification on your dog and its crate. The last thing you want to happen is you get separated from your Dachshund.

If you are not going to be traveling with a Dachshund you might think of boarding them. Go and visit several boarding facilities. Pick out one that is clean and up kept, has large runs for exercise, nice and helpful employees, and adequate space for you Dachshund. You don’t want a facility that is to over crowed or dirty. If you don’t want to board your Dachshund find a friend or family member that could watch them for a while. If this does not work there is one last option; find a pet sitter. Professional pet sitters should be licensed and bonded. You will leave you house key with them and they will come over and let your Dachshund outside, make sure they have enough food and water, and play with them a couple times a day. Any of these options are fine just make sure to leave your Dachshund in good safe hands.

Traveling with a Dachshund is a lot of hard work whether you are taking them with you or are preparing for them to stay behind. I know you will do what is best for them. Make your Dachshund as comfortable as possible and your trip will go a whole lot smoother and be fun!

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